The Media’s Effect on Pro Athletes Careers’ and Public Reputation

The media has always had a major effect on everything , I belive that is what makes it so special. It effects politicians, celeberties, and pro athletes careers and everyday lives. Whether it is positive or negative the effects the general media has on these people keeps us, the general public, constantly feeding into the drama. I believe it is not our fault, it is just human nature that we have such an extreme intrest in other peoples lives. This is no suprise to anybody who has read a newspaper or watched a T.V. before. What really made me think about this subject is the recent “Fall of Tiger Woods”. In one night this man, Tiger Woods, went from being the face of an entire generation of a sport, and a cultural icon for this sport, Professional Golf, to a liar and a cheat and to have his whole life and reputation as a man called into question. I am not saying that he is, or is not guilty for the things he is being accussed of, i am just simply stating how much the media can effect a persons life. I also understand that the life he chose, to be a professional athlete, comes with certain responsabilities and consequences. Although he may not have chosen to be the face of an entire generation of a sport or a cultural icon, the bottom line is that he is. This means that every little thing he does, whether it being positive or negative, is going to be disected by the media. This time what he did just happened to be extremely negative and embarrassing for him and his family. Unfortunetly the pro athletes’ family gets involved and effected as well. The media took this one family incident and ran with it. Now, you cannot look at a magazine, read a newspaper, or watch T.V. without seeing a new scandle involving Tiger Woods. It has got so bad he had to take an indefinite leave of absence from playing golf, mainly just to stay out of the public eye. He has also checked himself into a sex rehab, mainly to try and restore his public image.

Tiger Woods is not the first professional athlete to have a personal, family crisis effect his career and he deffinetly will not be the last. I strongly belive it is the medias’ fault for these family problems getting worse, and I feel that any family crisis should be dealt with by the family and not by the media and millions of other people. The final point I am getting at is that everything this man has accomplished in his illustrious career and will accomplish throughout the next decade or so, will always be tainted by this incident. Just like the pro athletes before him who were in this similar position, what they did that effected their professional careers so negativly had nothing to do with the sport they play at all.

2 Responses to “The Media’s Effect on Pro Athletes Careers’ and Public Reputation”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    This is great! i’m looking forward to reading many more blogs by you!

  2. Roberta Martin Says:

    Well written and very interesting.

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